Next training coming up is January 11.- 29. 2021 in Ringe, Denmark

Balances the brain

Scientific method restores the natural balance in the brain and makes you thrive again.
This is a repair of the ‘hardware’ – a physical repair of the brain. When the hardware is good, the repair of the ‘software’ can begin and succeed.
Everybody with mental and neurological challenges has a high stress level and imbalance in the chemistry of the brain
The high Cortisol level and chemical imbalance creates a lack of the feel-good hormones Dopamine, Serotonin, Gaba, Acetylcholine and Oxytocin.
In this state it is extremely hard to benefit from talk therapy etc.

From Beta to Alpha

We are working with the Draper Method. This method uses horses to create a specific movement and rhythm. Only few horses can perform this movement, which must be absolutely perfect to get a result. The movement makes the brainwaves shift from Beta (stress, chaos and overwhelmed) to low Alpha/Theta (Deep meditation, ease and clarity).
In Alpha/Theta the brain is calm and damage repair and working with beliefs systems becomes possible and easy.

Who can get help?

Everybody with any kind of mental or neurological challenge/disorder can get help with this method. Stress Anxiety Depression ADHD Autism/Asperger PTSD Eating disorders Learning difficulties Traumatic brain injuries Strokes OCD Bipolar The brain can repair even physical damage.

About us

he Draper Method was created to help people who suffers from mental or neurological challenges. The method is developed from studying: Neuroscience Sensory integration Kinesiology There is a lot of knowledge about the brain and sensory integration and also about how to balance and repair the brain.

I got my life back

Pernille Stigaard, MS Pernille has been seriously ill with MS for 17 years, since she was 5 years old. She had comevery far with different techniques, but there was still quite a lot of damage to the brain. Pernillehad absolutely No sense of time and structure, which meant that she had to be instruc…


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