About us

About us

The Draper Method was created to help people who suffers from mental or neurological challenges.

The method is developed from studying:

  • Neuroscience
  • Sensory integration
  • Kinesiology

There is a lot of knowledge about the brain and sensory integration and also about how to balance and repair the brain. The missing piece of the puzzle is the neutralizing of stress. When the stress/Cortisol level is high, it is almost impossible to repair anything, as the brain is in fight and flight.

The discovery of how to neutralize the stress was therefore the turning point, where we started seeing result which were quicker and better than seen before.

In the beginning we mainly targeted young girls with anxiety or depression. Over the years we found that the results were equally excellent with any other kind of mental and neurological challenge and we started offering the method to soldiers with PTSD, people with Bipolar, eating disorders, Autism, ADHD etc.

More than 7.000 sessions have been performed and all with great results.

The last couple of years we have educated practitioners in the Draper Method and we can now offer sessions in different countries.

We are now educating more and more practitioners, as the need of this method is huge. So many people suffer from these challenges and we know, that we can make a big difference and help people get their lives back and start thriving again.

Hanne Stigaard is CEO and founder ofa the Alpha organization.

My background is many years of working with horses and different techniques to help people suffering from different kinds of challenges.

“I love bringing The Draper Method to the rest of the world for the ones who need it. I am blown away when I see the speed of recovery after even long time of non-wellbeing.
My motivation origins from the impact I have seen this method has had on my daughter’s life.
I have simply never seen anything that works like this and I have seen and search a lot.”