I got my life back

Pernille Stigaard, Neurological illness

Pernille has been seriously ill with neurological illness since 2001 when she was 5 years old. She had come very far with different techniques, but there was still quite a lot of damage to the brain. Pernille had absolutely No sense of time and structure, which meant that she had to be instructed in everything. She literally had no clue about when she last time walked the dog or fed the horses.
I would have to wake her every morning and say:” It is morning, we have to go and feed the horses” and the same in the evening.

She didn’t have the strength to walk more than 300 meters and she could not shovel horse poo or walk with the wheelbarrow. She couldn’t take care of her horses herself

Pernille only spoke single words. She hardly ever formed a sentence and she spoke so quietly that it was almost impossible to hear.

Pernille had 6 sessions in 3 days and a huge change was there right away. I have not taken care of the horses since. She walks there, takes care of everything and walks back again. She even calls the farrier and the vet. She walks 2-4 kilometers every day and her balance is well enough for her to shovel poo and go with the wheel barrow.

Now she thinks in time and structure. She knows that the horses have to be fed every morning and every evening – that was totally out of reach before

She is talking in long sentences in Danish as well as in English and she has started school again. Pernille spend her childhood mainly in hospitals, so she never got very far in school. She struggled very much with math and learning in general. Now she is finishing her primary school and is doing just fine. She is communicating in clear sentences and loud and clear.

Pernille has had more sessions over the last couple of years. When there were periods of stress or high pressure, she got a couple of more sessions to support the progress.

Her brain is repairing.

Brad Clark. PTSD

Brad Clark is a Vietnam veteran and a Medical Doctor as
Brad has had severe PTSD for 52 years.
He was having trouble sleeping and slept only 20 minutes
at a time his entire adult life, since he left Vietnam in 1975. His perception of people and situations was off and
he was always on guard. I.e. the sound of a helicopter
would put him in alert.

Relationships and having people close was not working for Brad and he had severe headaches.
Brad had tried every kind of treatment and therapy that is available out there – nothing worked and he had to stop working as a doctor a long time ago.
The sessions are working, his PTSD is vanishing. He has started sleeping at night. His perception of him and his surroundings is better. He often finds himself in situations where he would normally have exploded or being annoyed or angry and now he can look at the situation and see it for
what it is. His head aches are also diminishing.

The funny thing in this story, is that there was an extra bonus, Brad has always been Dyslectic and that also disappeared. Brad’s spelling used to be so bad that not even the autocorrect could recognize what he was writing –
now he spells just fine.

Freja. Learning difficulties

Freja is a 7-year-old girl, who had learning difficulties. When
Freja started school, it was clear that she had problems
with focusing and especially with reading. She got
uncomfortably, got headache and just couldn’t do it.
Freja was a quiet and shy girl.

Already after first Alpha session, there was progress. The
most visible was Freja’s physical ability. On the local
playground, she showed a huge change right away by
running over obstacles and jumping down by herself, where she normally would have required help.

After 4 sessions, Freja’s school teacher called and asked what was going on, as they had noticed that Freja could sit still and read up to 4 pages where she used to be uncomfortably and only with great struggle, she could
read a couple of sentences.

After 10 sessions Freja has no problems focusing and reading. She doesn’t get uncomfortable and she speaks out loud and clear in class and elsewhere. She is confident and happy.

At a meeting at Freja’s school half a year after the sessions Freja was still in progress. Her reading difficulties were gone and where she was average in math earlier, Freja was now among the best.

This could have been the start of many years in school with failure and a girl who would have become smaller and smaller and maybe into trouble.
Now she is confident and happy and doing great in school.

Choi. Autistic, spastic

Choi was 10 years old. He was born in week 31. 9 weeks early.

Choi has celebral edema due to celebral hemorrage, so he is spastic in the right side with right arm and leg very weak

He is autistic, very little language and not able to express himself, eyes closed almost all the time and not much perception of people and things around him.

Sensibility disturbance, so he could not be touched at all. He would scream if we touched him. He is in a wheelchair and not capable of holding his own
body up, as you can see at the first 2 pictures. Huge mood swings.

The first two pictures are from Day 2 of therapy. Here Choi
is not able to hold his own body up, so we had to hold him
up or he would lay Down on the horse

He was only doing ‘High five’ with left hand in the beginning, as right arm is spastic. But he became capable of doing left, right and both hands already after 4 sessions.

As you Can see at the third picture, his core muscles and balance very quickly improved, so he became capable of holding and balancing his body.
His right leg became better, so that he now doesn’t need as much support when standing and is now training walking
Choi’s eyes opened more and more. On the horse the eyes were open all the time and also off the horse they became more open.

He started to perceive his surroundings and react to people and things around him
Communication is improving. Starting to say more words and also to reach out and contact you physically, like you can see on picture nr.4.

Choi was over sensitive before and couldn’t have people touching him – now he allowed touch all over his body.

He is now more relaxed and his face looks more peaceful. Less and smaller mood swings.
Better sleep. He used to sleep 2-3 hours and wake up – now he slept all through some nights.
All of this happened on 10 times 20 minutes and the changes continue.
This is SO much more than what we hoped for and had thought possible
We had No experience with spasticity – but it definitely changed Choi’s spasticity as well as his autism and other difficulties.

We had earlier discussed the possibility of spasticity changing, as any disorder coming from the brain should change when we change the neurochemistry and neutralize all stress – here we saw it for real.

Danielle. Chemo brain

Testamonial from Danielles mother:

“Danielle was diagnosed with a cancer tumor in her pancreas when she was 3 years in 2003. The tumor caused ataxia and shaking. Danielle received chemo during 4 months and 3 weeks of radiation a year later when the tumor started growing again.

Since then the tumor has not grown, but many other issues have arisen. She has a very strange type of hearing loss in her left ear and it has been determined that a hearing aid is of no use to her. Her balance has always been an issue and she seems to have more muscle weakness than other kids her age. She has had occupational therapy through school for the last 4 years so that she will be able to write legibly. She also has a lot of cognitive problems especially when it comes to Math or problem solving.

This year (2010-2011) she is a fifth grader at Monument Academy. Every year she has had to work incredibly hard to receive mediocre grades and she is on an IEP to get her extra help in many subjects.

In August of 2010 she started having sessions at Horseback Miracles(as it was called earlier). She loves horses but is very timid in most things she does. During her first lesson, she was very shaky and could not do a lot of the exercises. By the time she was on her 4th lesson, it was amazing to see the difference. She was much more confident and was able to do more of the exercises without shaking.

It is now a full five months into her lessons and she is able to stand on the horse and walk around the entire arena as well as a complete canter around the arena without anyone holding onto her leg for stability. It is amazing to see such a drastic change in such a short amount of time. We have seen that if she does get sick that it throws her whole body off and she is unable to perform well on some of the things she had mastered before. Once she is well it only takes a short amount of time to get right back where she left off. The other area we have seen great improvement is in her school work. I am no longer spending hours with her going over her Math to help her, just a few minutes here and there. She has received all A’s and B’s so far in 5th grade and her teachers are amazed by how well she is doing. She still has an IEP and she still needs extra help, but nothing compared to the last few years. Her confidence in school has skyrocketed and we can only hope that with continued lessons that her confidence in other areas will only continue to grow.

Danielle is now almost completely normal. All the challenges she had from the chemo brain is almost gone and she is happy and thriving. A huge relief and a huge change from all the difficulties physically as well as cognitively that she had before the sessions”