The training to become a Certified Alpha practitioner is a 3-week class.

During the 3 weeks, you will learn how to conduct all the exercises in the program, you will learn to spot the client on a horse and you will learn exactly what is required of the horse as well as some training of the horse.
You will also receive the full Alpha program yourself during training, as you will be practicing with the others in class.

Theoretical Part

During the theoretical part we go through the entire Alpha manual to comprehend the knowledge behind the Draper Method. The theoretical part explains the aspects of:

  • Neurophysiology. The study of the brain and spinal cord. What happens chemically in the brain when you are stressed or have mental challenges and neurological disorders and how do we turn this process around and create balance in the brain.
  • Kinesiology. The study of the body movements and how the movements affect the brain. Body movements often reveal where the challenges/issues are.
  • Sensory integration. The study of the nervous system and how all the senses function and work together. Understanding and debugging of the sensory integration

A certain knowledge of the chemistry in the brain and how we function is important to be able to fully see the client, understand them and help them.
When we understand how the chemistry is conducting our behavior, it is easier to know what is going on and to be of contribution to the process as fast and easy as possible.

Practical part

During the practical part of the training, you learn how to properly place and keep/hold the participant on the horse and conduct the appropriate exercises.

Composing the sessions is part of the training and to become prepared to different scenarios. Not 2 sessions or programs are the same. We will go through all the drills several times, performing them and addressing what each drill does for the brain etc. and also address how to move forward with the clients.
It is important to us, that you will be equipped, theoretically as well as practically, to start practicing on your own when education is over.

You are also provided with the knowledge of how to choose a proper horse for this therapy method, and how to train and work with the chosen horse.
You do not need significant experience with horses to start the training! Basic knowledge of being around horses is sufficient.

We want you to be passionate!

As long as your heart is open to people and to horses, you can be on your way to become one of our best practitioners!
After the training you are offered our guidance and assistance to start up your business.

You will find yourself on our website, where global and local marketing will be performed. You will be invited to join any future events and trainings available for Licensed Alpha Practitioners only.

Education is 18 days total of which the 14 days are education days. Included in the education price is:

  • Education days with coffee, the and snacks,
  • Manual,
  • Coaching before and after,
  • Assistance after the education which can be around finding the right horse, marketing and getting the business started,
  • Organization and performing of information meetings (which has shown to be the most efficient way to get clients in a good flow). I will come to the practitioner and do the information meetings. Sometimes just the first time or several times together with the practitioner and then little by little in the speed each of you are ready, you can do it themselves.

Included in the training is also a manual with all the theory

Training is available at least twice a year.

Next training coming up is January 11.- 29. 2021 in Ringe, Denmark

It will be at a really nice place in Ringe where we will have several horses, who can do the techninque and also clients to work with. We are aiming at gathering a group of 6-10 participants, as that has shown to work out the best when we can work with each others when learning to spot a client on the horse.

It is possible to stay at B&B, air B&B etc and we are happy to help find a place etc.

Let me know if you are interested and I will assist with practical things as well as clarity.